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Variety of inspections available


This is the best way to become fully informed about the home you are buying. You have a unique opportunity to participate in the process of inspection to become more familiar with complex life support systems in the house.


Having the home inspected prior to placing on the market is the smart way to avoid unwanted surprises that may be associated with issues discovered during your buyer’s inspection. You stay in full control and have a flexibility to deal with issues if they are found earlier.


It is a good idea to periodically check the condition of your house and its mechanical and structural elements. You may want to identify any existing and potential problems before they intensify and create the basis for unplanned expenses, sometimes significant.


Ancillary Services

Add-on services for your inspection

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Pool/Spa Inspection

Price: 95.00 USD

You are purchasing or own a home with a swimming pool – it is a good idea to inspect its condition with the convenience of overall Home Inspection by a certified Home/Pool Inspector. We will carefully examine the condition of the pool’s surfaces and elements such as diving boards and decks. We will inspect the pool’s equipment, such as a heater, pumps, filters, chemical feeder, and plumbing, and provide a comprehensive professional report as a part of an overall Home Inspection report, or separately.

SewerScope Inspection

Price: 249.00 USD

We use a snake scope camera and feed it down one of your home’s drainage pipes. The camera provides a live video so that we can accurately see your home’s sewer system. We are looking for anything that could be sabotaging the system. If there is something noticed, then we can suggest what needs to be done to repair it.

Repair Pricing Tool

Price: 99.00 USD

Our simple home repair estimate makes it simple to turn ANY home inspection report into a highly accurate and incredibly easy-to-read repair estimate so you can quickly and easily negotiate repairs after a home inspection.
Make sure you know the true cost of repairs for the home you’re buying or selling so you can negotiate with certainty and power.


Homefront Mission Tools

Drone Inspections

The most advanced modern aerial technology that provides unparalelled quality and level of details of the condition of the roofs of any height and building materials. Did you know that only about 30% of roofs can be physically inspected due to their accessibility, slope angle and fragility of roofing materials? Drone technology allows us to inspect any types of roofs with the highest possible quality within a reasonable time.

Thermal Imaging

An advanced, non-invasive technology that allows identifying things not normally seen by an inspector and can’t be revealed using conventional inspection methods. Thermal imaging identifies missing or insufficient insulation, air leaks, electrical issues, such as overheated wires and devices, HVAC issues, insects and rodents’ presence and much more.

Commercial Inspections

You are a proud owner of the commercial franchise, new medical office, or purchasing an apartment building? Get your new property inspected by Homefront, we perform light to comprehensive commercial inspections of a wide variety of multi-unit and mixed-use buildings, such as apartments, restaurants, spas, offices, clinics, and others. Please call us to discuss the details and obtain a customized quote for the inspection of your new property.