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What should my water pressure be for my home?

Ah! Water pressure! One of the most important tests we run during an inspection. The importance of keeping your pressure in the “sweet spot” will determine your level of comfort and efficiency throughout your time in a home. Many issues can arise due to low and high water pressure; like difficulty flushing toilets to damaging supply lines or appliances.

Recommended range: For a residential supply, we recommend between 50-80 PSI (pounds per square inch)


Why? You may ask: Well, according to many plumbing contractors the pressure should never exceed 80 PSI. When the pressure exceeds 80 PSI :

- Toilets may run while not in use

- Damage can occur at supply line transitions

- You can end up using more water than needed, leading to higher water bills

- Leaks are more common in inaccessible areas

What to do? - Reach out to a licensed professional

- If the service entry from the municipality is too high, a pressure regulator may be required to lower the water pressure at the main valve

- Having the pressure set around 50-60 PSI will most likely be the recommendation of the licensed professional.


We are creatures of comfort, and low water pressure can lead to headaches, especially in larger ( over 1500 sqft ) properties. What can happen?

- When running multiple fixtures, the pressure will not be efficient of comfortable.

- It can also be a sign of a significant issue, like a leak at some point in the plumbing supply. - Contact a licensed professional to evaluate low water pressure to rule out any major, hidden concerns.

Weather you are dealing with either of these issues it is always a good idea to inquire with your inspector regarding the water pressure at your property. Each Homefront inspection report provides this information so that you can have peace of mind in your decision.

The Homefront Mission:

Informing our clients and educating our partners is paramount. Protecting your investment means providing you with all the necessary information and to give you a snapshot of your home!

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