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Air-gap dishwasher water issues

Have you ever run your dishwasher and had water coming out of the sink-top air-gap?

It's possible that the water is discharging from the air gap because there is a clog in the air gap or because the air gap is not properly installed. Here are some steps you can try to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

  1. Check the air gap for clogs. The air gap is a small device that is installed on the sink or countertop near the dishwasher. It has a small opening at the top and a larger opening at the bottom, and it is designed to prevent dirty water from flowing back into the dishwasher. If the air gap is clogged, it may cause water to discharge from the top opening. To check for clogs, remove the cap from the top of the air gap and look inside. If you see any debris, use a toothbrush or small brush to remove it.

  2. Make sure the air gap is properly installed. The air gap should be installed so that the small opening at the top is above the level of the sink or countertop, and the larger opening at the bottom should be connected to the dishwasher drain hose. If the air gap is not installed correctly, it may cause water to discharge from the top opening.

  3. Check the dishwasher drain hose. The dishwasher drain hose is the flexible tube that connects the dishwasher to the air gap. If the drain hose is clogged or damaged, it may cause water to discharge from the air gap. To check the drain hose, remove it from the air gap and inspect it for any debris or damage.

  4. Check the dishwasher for any other issues. If you have checked the air gap, drain hose, and there are no clogs or other issues, it's possible that there is a problem with the dishwasher itself. In this case, you may need to consult the dishwasher manual or a professional appliance repair technician for further assistance.

While a common issue we do see in homes, making sure you have the appropriate qualified professional take a look and service as needed will always be our highest and first recommendation.

Follow along for more tips from us at HOMEFRONT INSPECTION SERVICES.

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