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Can’t get an inspector? Here’s what to look for: 3 Tips

As always, even if it's not with us, we highly recommend getting a home inspection before the close of escrow for peace of mind and safety. However...

Sometimes you just can't line up an inspection or the seller says sold as is or there are a variety of other reasons. This series will give you helpful tips about what to ask sellers and what to look for when Doing a walkthrough or even an open house.

Tip#1: Ask about the age of the water heater. When they say they don't know, that's okay, take a photo of the label, if it doesn't have a label, it is either too old or a flipper ripped it off or painted over it. You can then use the label to look up the serial number of the unit to tell you the manufactured date, and you can guess pretty much it's within a year or two of that date that it was installed. Water heaters can have issues as early as 10 years into normal use. Making sure you do the right maintenance and service can extent the lifespan.

Tip #2 : Go to the hardware store, buy a water pressure tester, ask if you can check the water pressure because you like it high ( takes one minute ). Find a hose Bibb in the rear of the property outside , screw on the tester tight making sure you have a seal in place as well. If it's above 80 PSI , pretend you're happy about it, make a joke, and factor in the cost of a pressure regulator replacement or addition and some cash to repair leaky pipes depending on how long it's been that way.

Tip #3 : Go to the least used bathroom with a tub, turn on the hot water, if the first few seconds have brown or cloudy water, you could have one or two things going on. Issues with the water heater or galvanized plumbing that's corroded somewhere. It would be best to factor in a re-pipe or water heater replacement. This may not be the case, but without your inspector there, it's best to err on the side of caution.

If you enjoyed these tips we can definitely send out more! Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy your week!

As always, our mission is to protect your investment.

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